Tricking Children; Trick no. 34

The biggest part of my life is my two boys (and occasionally my 4 nieces and 2 nephews). I want nothing more for them, then to have happy healthy lives. Considering that I have to eat hella healthy- why shouldn’t they?

Half of what gives my family happy healthy lives is nutrition. Obvisously. However, they don’t always (and by always, I mean most of the time) want to eat any vegetables or have salad with dinner. My youngest, Aiden, is pretty good about eating what I make for him. My oldest, Jeremy, is not. Jeremy has proclaimed himself as a “meatatarian”.  If he sees a vegetable or a fruit he turns his nose up and declares “I’m not eating that!”. Since Jeremy wasn’t always so picky (He breastfed up to 15 months and hogged down everything I fed him. By the age of one, he weighed 30 pounds), I’ve had to come up with ways to sneak the good stuff into his meals.

For example- he wants something sweet, so I make him a chocolate peanut butter smoothie. What he doesn’t know I’m putting in his smoothie is almond milk, a banana, chia seeds, organic peanut butter, and a pro biotic. He sucks it down and is none the wiser.

This morning for breakfast I pulled the same trick with pancakes.

I decided to make the kids Rainbow pancakes. I made the regular batter but I added almond milk, flax seed, chia seed, smashed strawberries, blueberries, and organic eggs. Yes- I did use food coloring and I topped them off with sprinkles- instead of syrup. *i don’t mind the food coloring because we do not have any allergies to food dye.*

And let me tell you- not only did I see mega smiles on their faces but they wolfed down the pancakes like wild animals. Mission accomplished. They got a fun breakfast and I got them to eat healthier. I myself also enjoyed a stack of the rainbow.

So there you have it. A way to trick your children into eating healthier. 😉



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