The Medicinal Foodie Track.

One or two posts back, I wrote about making a “shit ton of smoothie bags” in an effort to shift my health. Yesterday I posted about how I trick my kids into consuming healthy goodness and today I’m posting about a chicken soup.

I know… Chicken soup doesn’t sound interesting nor is it some exotic recipe that would wow Iron Chef Michael Symon (if you don’t know who Michael Symon is, google him. Awesome chef and great guy to work for). It’s not the recipe of the soup that is worth posting about. It’s the idea that food might actually be helping me more than my meds were.

Before you assume that I’m going to tell you that eating roots and strange herbs that only exist on the island that King Kong came from is curing my fibromyalgia- you’re wrong. I did stop taking the Lyrica and replace it with fresh fruits and veggies and as much organic non GMO meat as possible, but I am far from an extreme medicinal foodie.

Like most American families, I live on a budget. Which means I can’t afford to only eat organic non GMO farm raised – everything. I try! But I can’t have it all (Again, why I am looking forward to summer time farmers markets).

The more fresh fruits and veggies I consume, the better I feel. I wish I could tell you that I’ve gone from laying in bed in severe pain to mastering one handed push ups, all thanks to changing my nutrition game, but it’s not that radical. Better, but better one day at a time.

I read up on what each veggie, fruit, and herb can do for my body. Then I find recipes that corolate with the info I’ve read. How easy is that?! (Pinterest!)

It’s pretty fucking easy and I can’t believe I haven’t been nourishing my body and mind like this until now. Fresh fruits and vegetables can go a long way if you think about it…

Here’s the chicken soup I was talking about:

•4 Amish (free range and organic fed chicken) thighs. I like to cook the thighs with the bone in and skin on-makes the chicken insanely tender and extra delicious.

•2 handfuls of chopped carrots

•2 handfuls of chopped celery

•1 onion (chopped)

•3 slices of lemon

•2 handfuls of spinach

•1 can black beans (rinsed)

• a dash or so of cilantro, turmeric, mined garlic, & pink Himalayan salt.

•4 cups of chicken broth

I threw it all in the crock pot and set it to low. In a few hours (5-8) when the chicken is literally falling off the bone, it’s done. And there ya go. A healthy dinner that took 20 minutes to chop and mix. Not only will I have a healthy dinner but my family will too.

I hope by sharing this, it will inspire anyone who has been going through what I’ve been going through, to try new things when it comes to health and feeling better. Having fibromyalgia is the fucking worst. I am trying to rid myself of it- if that’s possible. All while taking better care of myself in the meantime.

Maybe meds aren’t always the answer. It can’t hurt to use what God has given us. And that includes marijuana. 😁



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