Me + fibro 4eva ?

I failed. 

I failed the first “I feel so good I must be shedding the fibromyalgia” test. 

Here I was, all happy and going about my days like the fibro had finally started to leave my body. I’ve been eating healthy, I’ve kept a positive mental attitude, and I’ve spent more time up and running than I have in months. I was so happy. I actually thought that I was on the track of loosing this shitty illness. 

Then, there was a shift in the weather. One day it was 70 and sunny. The next 40 and cloudy. After that, rain. The weather continued to go back and forth between nice and crappy (Ohio weather. Legendary unpredictable Ohio weather). My allergies started to bug me because of the changes in the weather. But the rain. The rain!!!  When it rains, I turn into a 100 year old lady. My bones ache. My muscles become sore. My TMJ flares up and from my jaw to my shoulders I wince with any movement. 

I felt so lousy. I could barely get out of bed. I ran out of Vicodin and nothing else would work. So I laid in bed. Only got up when i had to. That’s when I kept getting lightheaded and to the point of passing out at work. I was spending all my free time laying in bed feeling like shit. I was mad. I was depressed. I felt like the pain was starting all over again. How long would it last? Why is this happening? Why can’t it just stop. 

Well, it’s been a few days since the rain started and brought my pain back. Ive continued to eat healthy. I’ve smoked pot to help alleviate the terrible headaches. And I tested when I needed to. Finally, I’m starting to feel better. 

Or so it seems… 

Now that I’ve made the first mistake of actually thinking I was going to take better care of myself and simply say goodbye to my pain filled days of fibromyalgia, I’m preparing myself for another setback. 

I guess with this chronic illness, I’m never going to know for sure when the pain is going to come back. The best I can do is keep up with the healthy eating, continue to do happy activities, and try not to worry. This way next time, I can remind myself that the pain is only temporary. Which I think is a huge way for me to keep that positive attitude.

If anyone has any suggestions on getting through flare ups, I’d love to hear them! 



3 thoughts on “Me + fibro 4eva ?

  1. Remaining positive as hard as it seems. Once you allow the pain to bring you down I find it’s a downhill struggle. Secondly do not and I mean do not think the flares passed. I made that mistake and it hadn’t quiet passed. Boom I was back in bed. Now I stay on guard and not let it win. Damn flares!

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    • I know! It’s so easy to become depressed. So, so, easy.
      I haven’t figured out how to predict a flare up, unless it’s raining. I am trying to keep myself prepared though. Damn flares!!!

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