Vicodin, yoga, & friends.

I’ve been going through Vicodin and yoga poses like whoa! lately.

Not exactly a combination that people hear or admit to, probably ever. But I’m admitting to it. I wake up in the morning with such insane back pain that I take a Vicodin just so that I can relieve the pain to do some bomb-ass yoga poses. The yoga is literally saving my mind from my body.

I recently purchased a deck of cards that picture a yoga pose on one side and info on how to do it and why on the other. GENIUS!
As much as I would love to jump into a gentle yoga class, I can’t. My body simply can’t take 30-60 straight minutes of yoga. I wish it could, but I’m not there yet. I’m at 2-3 poses for pain relief. Which is why these cards are so awesome. I just pick a few and do it. My body and my mind feel better and most importantly, I’m trying.

Aside from doing a few yoga poses every day, something else has been on my mind.

Who has fibromyalgia???

I know one person. One. And that individual lives in Canada. I do not know anyone locally (as in Akron Ohio) who has fibro. Sure, I’ve met people here and there going to appointments for aquatic therapy. But those people are also 35 years older than me. While it’s nice to hear their story and suggestions for pain relief and what doctors helped them the most- we can’t relate on much else. I’m still working with two children to take care of. They are retired and on serious pain meds- because they all had more physical problems than fibromyalgia. The few friends I have don’t have it. So who do I talk to?

Of course I can talk to my mom, my husband, my sister inlaw, my friends… But while they listen, I sound like a complainer. I don’t look “sick”. Sure they all nod and agree that being a spoonie is no way to live, but they don’t really understand. How could they? No matter if they’ve ever broken a bone or had the worst flu for an entire week- eventually the pain they went through, went away. So who do I talk to…

I know that may seem selfish, but no one understands what it’s like to have constant doctor appointments, stacks of pill bottles in your bedroom or bathroom, not being available to just get up and go, waking up each morning with pain or wondering when the pain will set in or being miserable because you didn’t get any sleep from the pain, having a life that revolves in your bed under your electric blanket because anywhere else just makes you feel cold and your muscles tense up so much you move like a broken robot, or simply, the pain.

I’m over trying to explain myself to people who don’t believe me or to anyone who asks what fibromyalgia is (google it on your fucking smart phone!). I’m also tired of having to respond to friends and family with “I’m having a lot of pain today. I can’t go. Sorry.” For once it would be nice to have a text convo with someone else who gets it. Someone who can tell me what they’re trying in order to get better or even going for a gentle walk- without being told “just push through it” and “you are so slow!”


Well, if anyone reading this is in the same boat as me, find me on Twitter. Let’s talk! Let’s have each other’s backs!

I hope to hear from anyone and everyone who wants a friend that knows what they’re going through!

You can find me on Twitter- just click on my Twitter widget!

And if you’re interested in those awesome yoga cards you can get them here. The Yoga Deck



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