Xanax: Friend or Foe

Here’s a thought. Maybe even a theory.

Can Xanax actually help relieve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia better than anything else prescribed? OR could my 11 years of taking Xanax 1-2 times a day then suddenly stopping it be the cause of my fibro?

When I was recently dealing with the aftermath of my brothers meth addiction, I became glum and pessimistic. My phone was receiving non stop texts about my brother. My mom couldn’t stop talking about him and her anger toward his wife and her family (for using the drug with him and her family being the ones who was selling him the meth). I couldn’t fall asleep. I was staying up until 4 am with everything running through my mind.Then I started having nightmares. I would wake up in a panic attack from dreaming about my niece and nephew and my brother attacking me or finding out he had died. All the stress I was going through had started making me flare up. My other sister in-law, with the best of intentions, gave me a a few Xanax. I was finally able to get a good nights rest. When I took a half milligram during the day to calm my mind, it left me waveless. But the best part was- my stress had taken leave- and so did the pain that I had been feeling associated with fibro.

A short while ago I read a thread on the topic of Fibromyalgia and Xanax on Healingwell.com. The writer was curious to know if Xanax helped anyone else with the pain, because it was the only thing that worked for him. He received numerous responses from others with fibro, declaring that Xanax or Valium had worked wonders for them. Considering that Valium is a benzo and a muscle relaxer- it made sense.

So that’s one idea. Lower anxiety and stress for people who have chronic pain from overactive nerves. In low enough doses taken on a daily basis- could they prevent future flare ups; like how taking a low dose aspirin daily can help prevent a heart attack. Therefore eliminating the need for narcotic pain killers to treat pain.

Here’s another thought.

I was prescribed Xanax at the age of 24. I had two children under the age of 3, completely high strung, always wrapped up in doing 20 things at once (never finishing any of it either), and was neglecting myself. I wasn’t sitting down to eat any meals- because I was concentrating on trying to be a super mom. My weight had plummeted to a staggering 103 pounds (I’m 5’8). So with the persuasion of my husband, I saw my doctor. She agreed that I needed something to help me sedate my neuroticness. I rarely took the pills at first, but eventually that changed. I continued to take Xanax for 11 years. My scripts for it roller coasted. Higher milligrams, more a day, lower milligrams, taken once a day. At age 35 I decided that I didn’t need Mothers Little Helper anymore.

Now- I think it should be mentioned that (my husband and I had separated) a few years prior I had been in a volatile relationship. I was emotionally abused and physically attacked several times by this past boyfriend. I was also attacked by a stranger in a CVS parking lot. I was drugged when grabbing a drink with a co-worker.I lost my grandmother and then lost a very close friend. All of those had been accumulating- building toxins in my body. Back to 35- I had started weaning myself off my Xanax and finally stopped taking it. I felt fine. Until a guy in my life had assaulted me twice outside of a bar- I wasn’t even drinking at. Because of the severity of what happened, I got a small script for Xanax. That lasted for a week and then I went another 4 weeks sans benzos. And that’s when the pains began. After 5 doctors and a psychiatrist and 3 months of being told i was crazy- I was diagnosed.

Is there a connection? 11 years of suppressing my central nervous system combined with some pretty stressful events made my nerves go haywire. I’m sure my party lifestyle wasn’t helping either. It has been 1 year and 8 months since I was last prescribed Xanax. I was prescribed Klonopin after the Xanax but was taken off that (cold turkey) after 6 months of use (1 year since I last took Klonopin). After I stopped the benzos my flare ups slowly got worse. Vicodin only kinda helped. What gets me- is the recent time I took Xanax and it helped my pain. So…can Xanax help those with chronic nerve pain? or am I a “victim”of a prescription drug that’s only approved to be taken for up to 8 weeks and now could possibly rely on it to get my CNS back in control?

Thoughts? Opinions?









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