For the love of indie movies. 

My sleep is all fucked up. This seems to be common for me when I’m going through episodes of severe pain. And today I was dealing with horrendous back pain. I blame my furnace breaking right before sweet Akron Ohio gets hit with a blizzard. So like a 95 year old, I ache when the weather is cold or rainy. 
During my manic phase I’ve been painting characters from one of my favorite movies, Adult World. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I love it. But then again I love indie movies that make me feel like I could have taken a moment from my life and put it on film. Wintery- grey skied- people walking down streets in neighborhoods when it’s stupid to be walking when it’s so cold out- and wearing coats from a 1997 delias catalogue. Awesome soundtrack, that connection to the storyline that you only get with indie flicks, and Aubrey Plaza. Of course Aubrey Plaza. Duh. 
So there a little taste of my mania. I’m going to go eat grape leaves and pickles and Peppercinis. And watch something with Aubrey Plaza.  


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