Me Vs. My Period

I fucking hate having my period. HATE it. Granted I don’t know too many women that have ever said “I love that time of the month. All the bleeding and cramping, makes me feel alive with the universe” and the women that have felt that way, must have been living in the woods, sans deodorant, high on shrooms trying to get spiritual. I’m 36 and not planning on having anymore children, so I take the pill. I’ve taken the pill on and off since I was 15 years old. Not because I was making boom boom at 15, but because I had a cyst that made my time of the month a vomit filled bloody horror show. I would spend days in bed crippled with pain until my mom took me to her gynecologist and after an ultrasound, they put me on the pill to make my flow bearable. And it was. It was more than bearable. It was non existent. Hoo-fucking-ray! Well after years of going on and off the pill, being spoiled by ortho tri- whatever basically drying my uterus up instead of letting it do what it was supposed to do, I started having some problems. I was spotting (and ruining all of my cute VS undies!) so I saw a doctor and was put on a bc pill for the problems. This pill cost $300 a pack. But I had insurance at the time and I didn’t pay a dime. New pills and having cells tested for cancer was the new vomit inducing cyst. Until I lost my health insurance. Goodbye super expensive bc and hello $9 a pack bc. Howbeit, the $9 pill also came with intense cramping, killer PMS, and bleeding like I had been shot in my crotch. 
So what’s a girl to do? Ibuprofen doesn’t touch the pain. Midol makes me jittery because I have to take more than one. And forget getting a prescription for pain killers and xanax for that time of the month because as women, were just supposed to live with it. So what’s a girl supposed to do!? So what did I do? I turned to essential oils. YES! Essential oils! Sounds crazy right? Just another hippie concoction that only vegans swear by. Wrong. So wrong. 

I’m obsessed with a company called Simply Earth. I have been buying their essential oil roll ons for almost a year and I can’t stop. I have one for energy, tranquility, happy, beauty, peaceful mind, etc. they obviously sell oils not in roll on form, but I’m a sucker for being able to carry my oils with me that apply with ease. Anyway…

A week ago I knew I was about to start my period so I scrolled through their website to check out an oil blend they call Ladies Choice. Ladies Choice… at first the name sounded like it would be a perfume blend- with pharamones to attract men. But no. (Lol) As I read the details it was just what I was looking for. An essential oil that helps with your menstrual cycle! Let me tell you about this miraculous oil blend. 

It’s herbal, floral, and camphoraceous (<– treatment of pain FYI). The scents are sage, marjoram, lavender, and geranium and it’s diluted in fractionated coconut oil.  It soothes and calms mood, its uplifting, it is a diuretic, and it’s also a emmenagogue (<– promotes menstral flow). Not to mention that Simply Earth does not add additives and is not synthetic. So did I buy it? Hell yes I did. All of the other oil blends I purchased worked on me so this was a no brainer. 

The universe knew just when I was going to need it and it arrived in the mail that day. I instantly opened the box and slapped it on. I put it on my temples to help my mood, I rolled it on my wrists because I enjoyed the aroma, I coated it from my hip bones to my pubic bone – to help with bloating and cramps, and then I rolled it on the bottom of my feet (heat on my feet always helped relieve my cramps- so I figured, why not). And let me tell you, as a skeptic of organic pain relievers I had my doubts that it would actually work. I mean, my body was once a dumping ground for Vicodin!  But… within minutes I felt relief.  Seriously, swear on a bible, I laid down in bed and felt relief.  I felt relief no matter what I was doing. And that is why I had to post about this magical period essential oil. Every woman needs this oil. 

I strongly suggest checking out their website you won’t regret it!

*this is not advertisement 


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