5 books 1 girl.

I have a quirk. I mean, I would assume that most people would think it’s odd. For me it’s completely normal. I read 2 to 5 books at a time. And sometimes I read while I watch TV. How? I don’t know I just do. And I’m able to pay attention/ not lose my place while I do it. 

Weird right? 

Well, my husband think so. To me it’s completely normal. In the back of my mind I think it’s undiagnosed ADHD making my mind go go go go. I’ve always been like this and probably always will be. 

Today I scurried to the downtown library and grabbed a picture book of Joan Crawford and a biography of Joan Crawford. Watching FEUD on FX has me wanting to know more about Mommy Dearest. I also grabbed the only 2 Joan Didion books left on the shelves – Democracy and The Last Thing He Wanted. I’ve never read anything by Joan, so I’m quite excited to dig in. And last- a guilty pleasure, Confessions of an Heiress by Paris Hilton. Yeah- I know her book is 12 years old and she’s not relevant anymore, come to think about it, I was never a fan of hers, but I always wondered why the Bling Ring kids were obsessed with her. So that’s my “trashy” pick (Sorry Paris, but I’ll get through your book in an hour at most). 

Recently I read The Girls by Emma Cline and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. They were both so good that I didn’t start another. They consumed me. 

So am I the only one that does this? Am I the only book junkie?! I can’t read just one! And I’m always looking for something new- so please- feel free to suggest a book you love. I’ll read it! 
** update** after speed reading Paris Hiltons abomination I felt like the face palm first happened after her book was published. Shudder.


4 thoughts on “5 books 1 girl.

    • 😊 every once in a while I come across that 1 book that consumes me too and it will be the only book I read until it’s done. Then I’m back to the others. Haha.


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