Butter Pecan Coffee 

Shopping at Acme yesterday I was in dire need of coffee pods. I grabbed Wide Awake Coffee Co. Breakfast Blend (the lighter the roast, the stronger the coffee! Or at least that’s what I learned when I spent some time as a barista at Starbucks) and Nestles Ice Cream Shop flavor creamer in Butter Pecan. I chose the Wide Awake pods because they don’t have a plastic bottom and their carton is 100% recyclable. I chose Nestle Butter Pecan because it sounded delicious. 

Now I like a good amount of creamer in my coffee. I don’t drink coffee every day- but when I do- I like a lot! Today I decided to try out the new creamer- over ice. Best idea ever. 😉 and you should try it too! 

Brew a pod of coffee in your Keurig on the 8oz setting into a mason jar. Mason jars are clear and make the drink feel more fun. They do. It’s a fact. Next, add a few ice cubes (touch the glass by the rim or after you add ice so you don’t burn yourself), add your desired amount of creamer and viola! A yummy iced coffee that tastes like an iced latte. An ice cream inspired iced latte! 

So go ahead and treat yourself. Don’t count calories (if that’s your thing) just make it, sip, and enjoy! 

You can learn more about what I used at… 

Wide Awake Coffee Co.  

 Butter Pecan Creamer


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