Shots! Shots! Shots!

Spring is here and my eyes are red and itchy. My nose is sneezing and sniffling 24/7. The Claritin I take doesn’t seem to work. It’s miserable having allergies. So at eight thirty this morning I decided to look like a total slob and run to Robeks for some health shots and a smoothie. 

I got: a 2oz. shot of fresh wheatgrass because- it restores alkalinity to the blood, improves blood sugar disorders, it’s a potent detoxifier, increases energy, and much more! 

          a 2oz fresh lemon ginger shot because- it’s a major immunity booster, aids in poor circulation, speeds up digestion, fights inflammation, and more.

And a 16oz Açai power smoothie

I took the lemon ginger shot first. Kinda. I slurped half of it and tasted it. The lemon juice was tart- not sour and has an aftertaste of spice because of the cayenne. I drank the wheatgrass right after. It didn’t mix well. To me, wheatgrass tastes like snap peas. Drinking it right after the lemon ginger shot was semi gross. But I got all the good stuff down! 

While I may not be the best at describing these shots, I can assure you that whether you like the taste or not, the health benefits are amazing! The benefits outweigh the taste- good or bad. I encourage anyone who is tired all the time, sluggish, has allergies, poor circulation, skin problems, has high blood pressure, has fibromyalgia, needs to detox, or is constantly sick- to start taking wheatgrass shots or lemon ginger shots or both! Take a 2oz shot every day for seven days and see how much better you feel. I promise- it’s worth it!!!


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