Sit like Buddha 

Stressed out. Running mind. Forgetful. Can’t concentrate. And so on and so on. Right? That’s just how it is sometimes. Life can be really fucking stressful. But there is a way to center yourself and leave it all behind.. for a few minutes. 

For a few minutes?! Is that all!? Yes! You can choose how long you meditate for. Be it 5 minutes or 30, you can make the most of those minutes by meditating. You will have to face life again after- but you’ll be calmer and more mentally prepared. 

🌸Why should someone meditate.. 

• it makes you focused. Research shows that meditating improves attention and increases memory.

• it also boosts your happiness and health. Research shows that meditating increases positive emotions, life satisfaction, & immune function. It decreases pain and inflammation. 

• it increases the grey matter in areas related to memory. It also increase brain volume- specifically in areas for emotion regulation, positive emotions, & self control. 

• it fights chronic pain, reduces risk for heart disease, helps irritable bowel disease, improves sleep, aids in weight loss and can even slow the progression of HIV. 

🌸How do you meditate..

• sit somewhere quiet (if possible) and don’t try to calm your mind- that will happen naturally. Instead, focus on your breath. Think about the sensations of your breath. Your mind will wander. That’s ok. Recognize that your thinking and go back to focusing on your breath. 

• if you’re sitting in a chair, keep your feet on the floor and your spine straight. If you’re sitting on the floor, sit cross legged on a cushion or pillow. Keep your knees below your hips. If you need a higher seat- make one. 

• relax your arms and shoulders. Let your hands rest on your thighs. Stretch those shoulders! Rotate your shoulders to relieve tension. 

• you can keep your eyes open or closed. If you close them, your experience will be more body based. If you want to feel more anchored in your space, keep them open. You can also focus on watching something like ocean waves- in person or on a phone or tablet. (There’s an app for that! I’ll list it at the end😊)

meditation isn’t about time. It’s about frequency. Try meditation for 5-10 minutes a day. Your mind and body will thank you for it. And remember- meditation is like weight lifting- you’re not going to see those muscles if you lift once a week. Five and ten minutes in a day goes faster than you think. Set a timer so you can fully let go into meditation without worry that you’ll go over the time you allow yourself. 

And there you go. I gave you the why and the how. Now get to it! 🤘🏻

If you’d like some assistance meditating- there are apps you can download that provide relaxing sounds, humble melodies, & even meditation stories. I like to use Breathe, Relax MelodiesTide, and Calm.  Click and link and get one. (They’re all free!)


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