Donna Reed

It’s time for a realness in my blog. Early 2017 I was trying to show through pictures of food and drinks that I was some kind of Donna Reed- that threw in info about my past drug use now and then. I had just earned my preliminary drug counseling license and thought merging the idea of vast stories and recipes would show the world that I had many sides.

Yeah. Good job. My skin was too thin.

But 2017 quickly became Frank Gallagher for me, my life, my world.

I think I’m finally ready to tell my life how it’s really was and is. I’ve always written the truth when I’ve posted something about me. But I’m not a foodie. I’m not food blogger. Or a style blogger or a yoga blogger. I’m a girl who has stories & opinions. Stories that sometimes leave people asking me how am I still alive. Or they will have you thinking I was a huge piece of shit, a total fucking mess, severely over medicated, lost like a ghost, fragile, human, and eventually how I ended it all.

I’m also going to throw in posts about any info I want to share with you.

I’m not Donna Reed.

It’s 2018. I’m gonna be me.


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