Heroin chic

Remember in the 90’s when Heroin chic was the look? Kate Moss weighed 100 pounds at 5 foot 7. She was the waif.The 90’s version of the original Waif. Twiggy was actually the first original waif model. But anyhow, Kate … Continue reading

The Ghosts Inside

I’ve learned from reading Pema Chödrön that the past is gone. It can’t come back. It can live like ghosts in our minds if we let it. My mind has been haunted as far back as I can remember. If … Continue reading

Me Vs. My Period

I fucking hate having my period. HATE it. Granted I don’t know too many women that have ever said “I love that time of the month. All the bleeding and cramping, makes me feel alive with the universe” and the … Continue reading